I am a PhD student in Computer Science at Vanderbilt University under the supervision of Dr. Tyler Derr and a member of the Network and Data Science (NDS) lab. I completed my BS and MS in Computer Science from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2018 and 2021, respectively, where I received the university’s “Outstanding Graduate” award for both my BS degree and MS degree.

Research Interest

My research interests lie in responsible AI focusing on beyond-utility perspectives including fairness, explainability, and diversity. Additionally, I am fascinated by the powerful representation ability of graphs. I am broadly interested in analyzing all kinds of graph data, ranging from social media networks, coauthorship relationships, dating networks, biology graphs, EHR graphs in the healthcare domain, and so on.




  • [TheWebConf’24] Can One Embedding Fit All? A Multi-Interest Learning Paradigm Towards Improving User Interest Diversity Fairness [Paper][Code]
    • Yuying Zhao, Minghua Xu, Huiyuan Chen, Yuzhong Chen, Yiwei Cai, Rashidul Islam, Yu Wang, Tyler Derr
  • [AAAI’24] Leveraging Opposite Gender Interaction Ratio as a Path towards Fairness in Online Dating Recommendations Based on User Sexual Orientation [Paper][Code]
    • Yuying Zhao, Yu Wang, Yi Zhang, Pamela Wisniewski, Charu Aggarwal, Tyler Derr
  • [ICLR’24] A Topological Perspective on Demystifying GNN-Based Link Prediction Performance [Paper][Code]
    • Yu Wang, Tong Zhao, Yuying Zhao, Yunchao Liu, Xueqi Cheng, Neil Shah, Tyler Derr


  • [TheWebConf’23] Collaboration-Aware Graph Convolutional Networks for Recommendation Systems [Paper][Code]
    • Yu Wang, Yuying Zhao, Yi Zhang, Tyler Derr
  • [AAAI’23] Fairness and Explainability: Bridging the Gap Towards Fair Model Explanations [Paper][Code]
    • Yuying Zhao, Yu Wang, Tyler Derr


  • [CIKM] Imbalanced Graph Classification via Graph-of-Graph Neural Networks [Paper][Code]
    • Yu Wang, Yuying Zhao, Neil Shah, Tyler Derr
  • [KDD] Improving Fairness in Graph Neural Networks via Mitigating Sensitive Attribute Leakage [Paper][Code]
    • Yu Wang, Yuying Zhao, Yushun Dong, Huiyuan Chen, Jundong Li, Tyler Derr
  • [AMIA] Inferring EHR Utilization Workflows through Audit Logs
    • Yuying Zhao*, Xinmeng Zhang*, Chao Yan, Tyler Derr, You Chen

Before 2022

  • [DSE journal] Maximizing Influence over Streaming Graphs with Query Sequence [Paper]
    • Yuying Zhao, Yunfei Hu, Pingpeng Yuan, Hai Jin
  • [CSCWD] Grace: An Efficient Parallel SPARQL Query System over Large-Scale RDF Data [Paper]
    • Xiang Kang, Yuying Zhao, Pingpeng Yuan, Hai Jin

* denotes co-first author.

Preprints and Submissions

  • Fairness and Diversity in Recommender Systems: A Survey [Paper]
    • Yuying Zhao, Yu Wang, Yunchao Liu, Xueqi Cheng, Charu Aggarwal, Tyler Derr
  • A Survey on Privacy in Graph Neural Networks: Attacks, Preservation, and Applications
    • Yi Zhang, Yuying Zhao, Zhaoqing Li, Xueqi Cheng, Yu Wang, Olivera Kotevska, Philip Yu, Tyler Derr

Symposiums and Workshops

  • Yuying Zhao. Learning Beyond Utility: Fairness, Explainability, Diversity. International Conference on Data Mining (SDM) Doctoral Forum, SIAM, Poster, 2023.
  • Yuying Zhao. Improving Fairness via Fair Explanation. International Conference on Data Mining (SDM) Doctoral Forum, SIAM, Poster, 2022.